Sonia Robinson

Sonia Robinson is an artist who loves to paint with bright happy colors. Living and working in Key West and South Florida gives her work a tropical flavor. The paintings are multi-layered mixed media using acrylic paint and often adding collage elements and mark making. This gives the surface added interest along with depth and texture.

"My work is ever evolving and I paint what I love. I have always had rescue dogs who show up in much of my work. They are my constant studio companions and a source of creative inspiration. Living in an environment where flowers explode in bloom all year around makes me a natural lover of vivid reds, purples, fushias, oranges, & yellows. The colors right in my own backyard!

My biggest thrill is to be at my Key West gallery and to actually meet in person and talk with the people who purchase my artwork. There's always a great story to go along with it and the connection is always heartfelt for me.

So, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you."